Doggie Birthday Parties…you read that right.

Last night was a special celebration in our house.  Daisy turned 8.  Daisy is my roommate’s yorkie with enough sass to make Joan River look tame.  Being the cool doggie aunt that I am, I decided to check out a local bakery tailored towards our furry friends, named Three Dog Bakery.


You guys, I’m not even kidding when I tell you that this place smells amazing!  So good in fact that I asked the woman behind the counter if humans could eat these appetizing treats.  With a judgmental stare, she informed me that they would not taste good, as they are lacking any ingredients that make funfetti cupcakes taste oh soooo good.

Three Dog Bakery

Don’t these treats look amazing??  I wanted to get the cake in the above photo, but for a Yorkie, they said to only serve her 1/20 of that cake size, so rather than risking an overdose, I opted for the “pupcakes”.

How pissed off cute is the birthday girl?  She looks ready to rage!

The Birthday Girl

What’s a party without some friends?  Ok, maybe this is animal abuse…

Party Time

How do you (or do you)  celebrate your pet’s birthday?




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