Hump Day Links


This is proabaly the most accurate portrayl  I’ve seen, hysterical.

Hate to admit, but I can relate to these problems, especially 20, 18, and absolutely number 7!

These underwater pups are absolutely adorable.  The quality of these photos are out of control.

Is it weird that I want to rock these in my everyday life?

I’m dying over this.  I want to do this in real life, who’s with me??

I really want to try making these, but I am afraid I will be disappointed.  Can they really be as good as the real thing?

 Hope everyone has a great Wednesday 🙂


Way Back Wednesday

How is it not Friday?  At least Thursday?  The week before a holiday weekend always tends to draaaaggggg out.

Today’s Way Back Wednesday is brought to you by Michael Scott.  Although The Office has only been off air for about a year now, I still consider it a Way Back, because the Office episodes I loved were the early years (2005).   Anyone agree?

He kills me.  Hope everyone had a whimsical Wednesday!