Celebrating the 4th on Chincoteague Island

Howdy people!  Kinda of a delayed post, but I wanted to share my time at Chincoteague Island with y’all.  If you aren’t familiar with the Virginia coast, Chincoteague is located in the far NorthEast section of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  Whenever I told local Virginians that we were going there for the 4th, I got the same response each time…”why, there isn’t that much to do there”….and you know what??  They were right!  But that is exactly what the bf and I wanted, a relaxing, calm beach town where we could relax, bask in the sun and read a few books.

We stay at a beautiful Bed&Breakfast, that had so much history and charm, it was a great pick!  The innkeepers Bob and Carole, were such great hosts.  Bob was so knowledgeable in all that was Chincoteague, and Carole could whip up some hearty breakfast biscuits!

See below for such snaps of our long weekend retreat!

IMG_6039 IMG_5992 IMG_6027

The beach was absolutely beautiful!

IMG_5983 IMG_6033 IMG_6052

Fried pickles are my absolute favorite!  I’ve never tried them before moving down south, but I am hooked.  Carole’s delicious breakfast.  Nothing like some champs and world cup coverage on the iPhone!

IMG_6013 IMG_6043 IMG_6057

Beautiful cranes on our bike ride.  Nothing says America like Mexican beer.  The underwhelming fireworks display.

IMG_6014 IMG_5989IMG_5991

My rusted bike, almost crashed into oncoming traffic several times.  Mister Whippy is amazing, had it numerous times on our trip. The Watson House lit up at night.


Summer is going by too fast.  Hope everyone is enjoying every minute!


Massachusetts on my Mind

MA neckalce

Last week I was perusing etsy, and stumbled across this amazing necklace.  I absolutely love how detailed this necklace is, while still remaining dainty and refined.  The best part is, they can position the heart anywhere in the state, so you can show some hometown love.

I’m wearing mine today, getting excited to fly home next week for our annual Cape Cod vacation!  Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday, hopefully this week flies by!

4th of July Weekend!


Hi Everyone!!  Talk about slacking, I haven’t loaded up a post for you in over a week, woof!  Is everyone looking forward to this long weekend?  I’m headed to Chincoteague Island for the long weekend, praying that Tropical Storm Arthur stays far off the coast.  Is it me or is it a little too early for this types of shenanigans to be going on?  Anywho, hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend, spending time with the people who make you smile the most:)

My New Low Carb Obsession

Last week I had another successful trip to Costco (love it there, Kirkland for life).  I stumbled upon one of the many sample stations I stalk out walk by on my weekly trip to the mecca of goodness.  This particular station was giving away samples of a darkish/black pasta, which didn’t look all that great.  Still, being a sample, I took one.  But before I let that pasta enter my mouth, I asked the woman why it had such a dark color.  She informed me that this pasta was derived solely from black beans!!  Black beans, people!!  I was so excited because I for one am a big fan of the bean, and it is packed with so much fiber and protein.

Meet Explore Asian Organic Black Bean Spaghetti

photo 1

I prepared it with a summer veggie medley.  I sautéed garlic, vidalia onions, red peppers, corn, string beans, and spinach in extra virgin olive oil (infused with garlic), see below.  I bought this at HomeGoods for $4!  Also, accompanying that is my white truffle oil spray which I also got at HomeGoods for $4!

photo 3 photo 4

photo 2

Once all is done, I sprinkled with goat cheese (trader joes).  It was so good that I made it twice in the past 3 days.  So yummy and defiantly a healthy alternative.

photo 5

What are some healthy alternatives you have been cooking up?


Disclaimer: The opinions are my own and I have not been compensated by Explore Asian.

A Beautiful Day for a Wedding

Last weekend I attended a close friend’s wedding at beautiful Belle Haven, and let me tell you, it was ah-maz-zingggg!  Everything from the weather to the venue to the food, it was just perfect.  Belle Haven is a whimsical historic estate overlooking the James River.  Check out some of the snaps below of the property.  My classy iPhone pictures don’t even do this place justice.

photo 3


Loved how different all the bridesmaids dresses were.

photo 1

photo 1

This barn above was beautifully restored and hosted as the cocktail reception.

photo 4

Inside the beautiful tent with the most gorgeous flowers from Southern Blooms.


The seating arrangement and favors were put together as one.  The mother of the groom made her famous homemade jam for everyone.  Can’t wait to try it!


The food was unbelievable.  Usually I’m not blown away by wedding food, but this filet, asparagus, and potato au gratin were absolutely sensational.  A flavor party in my mouth.

photo 2

Group shot with my fabulous ladies.

I didn’t end up going with Rent The Runway for a dress because when all was said and done, the dress and necklace I wanted to rent ended up being $85, and I just couldn’t do it.  Knowing I’d spend $85 and have to return it within 24 hours really turned me off.  The dress I wanted was only $45 but they tack on insurance and dry cleaning fees and it adds up.  I think I will try them out though for a black tie wedding I’m going to in October.

How’s wedding season going for everyone else?




Beach Essentials

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!  I don’t know about you, but it has been freaaaaakin hot in central VA.  As in 95 plus humidity everyday.  The bf and I just booked our first beach trip for the 4th of July weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Growing up in Boston, I had the ocean within an arms reach at all times.  However, where we are now, it’s a good 2+ hours to get to the ocean.  Major dislike.  Below are some items I cannot live without when I go to the beach/pool.  Beach Essentials
I need a hat to shield my fair, Irish skin.  The Beach Bum brand has the BEST SPF items, and I much prefer the lotion to the spray, as I feel it lasts longer.  Sunglasses are a major necessity to shield my eyes and prevent crows feet (!!!).  These Tory Burch flip flops have lasted me for years, and you can usually get them for cheap at the outlet.  Lastly, the Kindle has kept me entertained for hours while laying out.  I attempted using my iPad and it was useless in the sun.  I found a cheap kindle on ebay for $50, well worth it!  What’s in your beach bag?

The Perfect Cookie

Happy Tuesday friends!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We partied hard this weekend for a friend’s wedding (post to come soon), and let’s just say fireball is no longer in my repertoire of go to liquor.

That being said, I stumbled across the Perfect Cookie at Whole Foods yesterday and snagged a few since they were buy 1 get 1.  I was impressed with the amount of protein packed in these individually wrapped cookies.  On their website, they are described as “gluten-free, soft-baked, cookies that contain 100% natural ingredients and are antioxidant-rich. They are packed with protein and fiber, and are low in sugar and sodium”.  That’s great and all, but how do they taste?  To my surprise, they actually tasted pretty decent.  Good size chocolate chips, soft texture, and with 10g of protein, this will certainly be a go to snack after my weight days at the gym.

photo 1photo 2photo 3

Right now these babies are buy one get one free at Whole Foods, so it’s the perfect time to check them out!

Friday Favorites


Well, well well…the favorite day of the week has arrived!  What’s everyone up to this weekend?  I’m going to a close friend’s wedding at the beautiful Belle Haven Estate and couldn’t be more excited.  Can’t wait to post some photos for ya’ll!  Below are some tidbits that I’m loving on lately.  Enjoy!

I’m loving all the ingredients in this.  Perfect for a hazy, hot summer day.  Will absolutely try this out this weekend.

I could not stop laughing at this.  So uncomfortable and actually pretty spot on.

4 ingredients to pure ecstasy.  Get in my mouth asap.

I have an unhealthy obsession with goat cheese.  Like as in I consume it almost at every meal, daily.  This is so simple yet will absolutely create the biggest party in your mouth!  Give me some crusty bread and I’m done…DONE.

This will be my next vacation.

I need to have this, how amazing is this?

Hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!

Guac It To Meee


You guys, I have a serious obsession with guacamole.  I just love the stuff.  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!  It’s funny because as a kid, I never would never go near it.  It’s like all the years of repression has crept up on me and exploded into a guacamole bonanza!  Oh well, I don’t hate it.  My all time favorite guacamole has to be from Chipotle.  When I don’t have time to spare waiting in line at Chipotle, I make my own.  It’s simple enough to make, but still packs some great flavor.

2 avacados

1/2 sweet onion

2 gloves of garlic

juice from 1 lime

handful of chopped cilantro

photo 1

photo 5

What’s your favorite guacamole recipe?


Bruce Barnes Memorial Run


Oh isn’t that the truth!  I really am not a fan of running, I just do it because I demolish any food that is put in front of me.  But in terms of races, hell to the no. Do not do it.

Well looks like today was the exception.  The boyfriend convinced me to run a 1 mile race (go ahead, laugh), but honestly I was so nervous!  I can run on a treadmill no problem, but when it comes to running outside, I just don’t do it.  Mainly because I look like this.

Well long story short, I completed it and even got a decent time for my standards (7:25).   What really helped the mile go by, was the scenery of the race.  It was held in Crozet, VA, which is one of the most beautiful landscapes in central VA.  Check out some snaps below.  Hope ya’ll had fanfreakintastic weekend!