Hump Day Links


This is proabaly the most accurate portrayl  I’ve seen, hysterical.

Hate to admit, but I can relate to these problems, especially 20, 18, and absolutely number 7!

These underwater pups are absolutely adorable.  The quality of these photos are out of control.

Is it weird that I want to rock these in my everyday life?

I’m dying over this.  I want to do this in real life, who’s with me??

I really want to try making these, but I am afraid I will be disappointed.  Can they really be as good as the real thing?

 Hope everyone has a great Wednesday 🙂


Rent the Runway


Happy Hump Day ya’ll!

I have a wedding coming up in a few weeks and think it’s the perfect time to try out Rent the Runway!  If you aren’t familiar, it is a website where you can rent designer dresses, for a fraction of the retail price.  This works out perfect, since I tend to wear a dress once and then it mysteriously ends up in the back of my closest in a rolled up ball.  Below are some options I’m considering.

It is VERY helpful that past customers upload photos and reviews of the dress they wore, which is making it much easier for me to make a decision.  Because we all have been in the situation where a dress look amazing on the website but then when it arrives it is nothing like you ever imagined, in the worst possible way.  I will have a backup dress just in case, but am looking forward to trying this out.

Have you tried Rent the Runway?  Which dress should I pick?