Game Day!!

New England Patriots Game Day Wear
It should come as no surprise to you that I am a Patriots fan (my blog name didn’t give it away?).  Being from Boston, we take extreme pride in all our sports team and continue to voice to everyone, how much our teams are better than your teams (obnoxious, I know!!).  I make sure to rep my teams on game day and love how fashion forward sports gear has become.  I will say I am NOT a fan of the “pink” style (example here).  You will never catch me in a pink anything when it comes to reppin my team.  Can’t wait to rock one of these options for tonight’s game.  Go PATS!!!!

Cool Running

Cool Running
I am not a runner.  I have always had a hatred for it and couldn’t bring myself to run more than a mile at a time without gasping for air.  Well recently that has changed, when my boyfriend tricked me into running a 5k (don’t ask).  Once I discovered I could actually complete 3.1 miles without dying, I was hooked!  I felt so incredibly proud of myself and loved the satisfaction it gave me.  That being said, I incorporate 3-4 mile runs a few times a week.  I never thought I would see the day where I would be ok with running. Mind boggling, let me tell ya!
Side note, I just bought a pair of Nike running shoes at Marshalls for $39.99 and am totally in love with them!  Next time your in the market for new running kicks, check out Marshalls or TJ Maxx, they usually have a decent selection under $50!

Beach Essentials

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!  I don’t know about you, but it has been freaaaaakin hot in central VA.  As in 95 plus humidity everyday.  The bf and I just booked our first beach trip for the 4th of July weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Growing up in Boston, I had the ocean within an arms reach at all times.  However, where we are now, it’s a good 2+ hours to get to the ocean.  Major dislike.  Below are some items I cannot live without when I go to the beach/pool.  Beach Essentials
I need a hat to shield my fair, Irish skin.  The Beach Bum brand has the BEST SPF items, and I much prefer the lotion to the spray, as I feel it lasts longer.  Sunglasses are a major necessity to shield my eyes and prevent crows feet (!!!).  These Tory Burch flip flops have lasted me for years, and you can usually get them for cheap at the outlet.  Lastly, the Kindle has kept me entertained for hours while laying out.  I attempted using my iPad and it was useless in the sun.  I found a cheap kindle on ebay for $50, well worth it!  What’s in your beach bag?


Happy Friday everyone, we made it!
Today I am flying back to Boston to spend some time with the fam, and I couldn’t be more excited!  The flight is only a little over an hour, but whether its an hour or 14 hours, I like to dress comfy.
Airport Style
  • Toms are my go to travel shoe.  If you do not own a pair of Toms, please go buy them right now .  They are literally the most comfortable shoe in the entire world.   They run large so keep that in mind.
  • Boyfriend jeans.  What does everyone think of boyfriend jeans?  My boyfriend likes to call them the “anti-boyfriend” jeans because they are loose fitting and don’t show off any curves/booty.   I personally love them because you can dress them up or dress them down and they still look fab.
  • I absolutely love this Tory Burch bag.  Not only is it stylish, but it is functional.  It has a zipper, people!  I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed I get when a travel bag doesn’t zip.  You’re just asking for all your personal belongs to be dumped out and exposed for all the world to see!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and be sure to follow me on twitter (@bostoniancharm) to keep up with my Boston shenanigans this weekend!

Earrings to a Whole New Level

There aren’t many trends from the 90s where I appreciate the “comeback”.  Ear cuffs are an exception though.  I remember the days where I would go to Claire’s and purchase silver ear cuffs for $2.99, only to turn my ear green.  These days everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Rita Ora are rocking the cuff, which adds an extra element to any look.
There are some great options on etsy, bauble bar, and asos, which give you options if you want to make a statement, or just want to spice up your jewelry without being over the top.
Ear Cuffs
Do you like the cuff trend??  How do you rock the different styles?

Casual Memorial Day Style

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!  It just happens to be low key for me, and I couldn’t be happier.  Casual, comfy, yet stylish, loving the look below!  Perfect for grabbing a beer with a friend or going to a family barbeque.  With whatever you have planned, hope y’all have a safe and festive weekend!
Casual Memorial Day Style

Sexy Summer Swim

Bathing suit season is upon us (at least in Virginia), and it’s amazing how many trends there are when it comes to a Lycra/Spandex blend of fabric and string.  I normally keep it simple, all my bathing suits are 2 pieces (with the exception of a monokini that I’m too chicken to wear), and are in basic colors (red, black, white, blue, green, purple…you get the idea).


This photo couldn’t be more spot on.  This is my life.

Anywaysss…this summer I want to try and spice it up and jump out of my comfort zone of the basic bikini.  Below are some cute ideas I put together to inspire me to rock that sexy suit, and even if you like to keep it basic, it doesn’t take much to spice it up.  What’s your summer go to style at the pool/ocean/lake/concrete?

Sexy Swim

Bridal Shower Attire

Bridal Shower
I’m going to a Bridal Shower this weekend, at a Vineyard (my kinda party), and was looking for some inspiration for my outfit.  I love the colors of the above dresses, perfect yet casual enough for some vineyard fun.  And the shoes, lets just says I love me some wedges.  Being 5’3″, I’m always looking for some height, and wedges always seem to be the most comfortable.  I’ll be sure to post some photos of the  fashion and festivities.

Ted Baker flared skirt dress
$335 –

Aéropostale skater skirt

Even&odd strappy sandals
$46 –

Red purse